UGANDA-Pray for family of pastor who made the ultimate sacrifice


Pray for family of pastor who made the ultimate sacrifice
Pastor Robert refused to stop telling people about Jesus in Uganda – so they killed him with a sword.
Please pray for his wife and four young children, aged between three and ten. Many of our Christian family in eastern Uganda are coming under increasing pressure to deny Jesus: some are being attacked or killed.
Pastor Robert Bakulubanywa had received several threats from locals in Kibuku district who were upset with him for evangelising and refusing to sell a plot of land for a new mosque. Just days before he died, Muslims coming out of Friday prayers had warned him to stop telling local youths about Jesus.
He was attacked on his way home from an evening meeting at Bubulanga Victory Church on July 24. Close to his home, a gang grabbed him, tied him up, then killed him with a sword. He was 38.
The local council official to whom the family reported Pastor Robert’s death took no action. Fortunately, police did respond and are now searching for his killers.

  • Pray that Pastor Robert’s family and congregation will know God’s comfort and his unfailing love.
  • Pray for our Christian family in Pastor Robert’s village, Bubulanga, which is mainly Muslim. They are frustrated and frightened. Pray that Christians across eastern Uganda will know that God is their ‘defender and protector’ (Psalm 91:2).
  • Ask God to raise up another pastor like Robert, who is passionate about sharing the Gospel in Kibuku. Pray that many who are opposed to the Gospel and who may even have been involved in Pastor Robert’s death will come to faith in Christ.

(Source: Morning Star News)

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