Justice is one step closer for our family in India

 Justice will only be done when all those responsible are punished!

India’s top judges have ruled that Christians in Odisha should be given proper compensation for a wave of religious violence eight years ago.
Thank God that the courts have finally recognised that our church family in India deserve justice for all they suffered in 2008, during weeks of anti-Christian violence. The Supreme Court has now ordered the government in Odisha (formerly Orissa) to make compensation pay-outs for those affected.
About 100 Christians were killed and 56,000 people were displaced in Kandhamal district as Hindu extremists sought revenge for the murder of their leader, Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati. Many remain displaced even today.
The extremists targeted Christians, even though Maoist rebels claimed responsibility for the Swami’s death. Seven Christians were convicted of murder and given life sentences in 2013, despite what their family say were serious irregularities in their trial.
The court ruled that officials had not intervened to prevent Hindu extremists parading the Swami’s body through Kandhamal, despite their obvious attempts to stir up religious hatred. About 300 churches and 6,000 Christian homes were damaged.

  • Thank God for the Supreme Court ruling that Christians in Odisha should be compensated. Pray that the state Government will concede and pay out promptly.
  • Pray that Odisha officials will ensure that all those who were displaced eight years ago can resettle in permanent housing.
  • Pray that our family in India will stand firm in their faith and not be cowed by extremist threats. Pray that religious tolerance in India will grow, as a reaction to extremism.

(Source: World Watch Monitor)


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