Egypt’s dark plague.

Mary Wahib (page 18) was last seen by her husband on May 1 of this year.  She had been stalked by a Muslim man recently, so her husband and family
rushed to the police station looking for immediate action knowing she had been abducted. They knew that an invisible clock was ticking and that she was probably being raped and tortured until she agreed to convert to Islam and marry her rapist. The police were less than interested and told them to come back in two days. The family demonstrated outside of the police station but to no avail. Mary’s fate was sealed. Three days later, a video of her surfaced on Facebook where she said Allah was God, Muhammad was his prophet, and that she had converted to Islam. At that point, her husband and family knew she was gone forever. She was one of the thousands of Egyptian girls swallowed up by Islam – abducted, raped, and tortured, until they are forced to convert. Unfortunately, I can’t put any hopeful spin on this incident or this trend. The pain experienced by the victims and the families
is unbearable. Jesus told us that the world would hate us if we loved Him. These abductions are part of this hate. Please stop right now
and call out to the Lord for Mary and so many others like her that have been swallowed up and are slowly being digested by Islam.
Please join with me in praying for the release of these women, the effective intervention of the authorities and the prosecution of the perpetrators!

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