The White Horse.


“The preaching of the Gospel is the controlling sign of the return of Christ.  This is evident from the text in Matthew 24:14.  The opening of the 7 seals in Revelation 6 also supports the understanding that the preaching of the Gospel (represented by the white horse and rider which Christ sends forth and directs by His Spirit through the church) is the controlling sign of the Lord’s return.  It is that because the Lord will not have any of His elect perish, but come to repentance before the end can come to pass. (II Peter 3:9)  I believe that this is more than a possibility that it might be true, but rather that it is certainly true.  In fact, as the pure preaching of the Word of God continues in the earth over against heresy, false doctrine, and the ungodliness of the world continues and develops through Reformation, the ungodly nations, the ungodly world, in response to the Gospel preaching in the earth, being hardened and given over to their sin by the Lord in their rejection of the Gospel, will develop and grow in its anti-Christian kingdom goals and power, under the direction of Satan.”

Rev.Richard Smit,  Pastor First Protestant Reformed Church, Grand Rapids

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