Pray for Habiba!

 Join me in praying for the safe return of this teenager!
Pray that Habiba will be reunited with her family!   Teenager Habiba was snatched from her school in northern Nigeria and handed over to marry a Muslim – for around £130, her family say. She’s only just turned 15.   Please pray for this Christian girl who has now spent two months in what Release partners describe as ‘modern-day slavery’.   Our partners, who are supporting the family, allege that Habiba was abducted from her school in Kankara by an aide from the Emir of Katsina’s household. She was then forcibly converted to Islam and married.   Some reports claim that Habiba’s new ‘husband’ is the Emir himself, Alhaji Abdulmummuni Kabir Usman: others say that she’s been married to the man who abducted her, Jamilu Lawal, and that the Emir was paid a £128 dowry for her.   When Habiba’s father, Isyaku, visited the Emir to beg for his daughter’s return, the palace insisted the girl consented to both conversion and marriage.   Katsina police have shown themselves powerless or unwilling to intervene. Release partners have raised the case with the Inspector General of the Nigerian Police in Abuja and with the Nigerian Government. Parliament has said two of its committees will investigate the case.

  • Pray that God will be close to Habiba and her family and that the Government would act swiftly and decisively to ensure her safe return.
  • Ask God to comfort Habiba and heal her and her family of any trauma they’ve suffered.
  • Pray that religious rights would be upheld even in states such as Katsina that are under Sharia (Islamic law).
  • Thank God for the courage of Release partners who work tirelessly to uphold religious rights, confronting even those in high office.

(Source: Release partners)

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