Teenagers on the run – after turning to Christ


Two Ugandan teenagers are on the run – after their family threatened to kill them for turning their back on Islam. Now, the family who gave the boys refuge have been attacked and fear for their own lives too.   Please pray for these two boys and the local Christians who are trying to protect them.   The boys, aged 16 and 17, fled their home in eastern Uganda after their parents discovered they had become Christians and threatened to kill them as ‘apostates’.   The boys took refuge with a Christian family in Kibuku district – until an angry Muslim mob, stirred up by the boys’ fathers, set fire to the Christians’ home two weeks later.   ‘Simon’ (not his real name), who housed the boys, says he lost everything in the fire, and now fears for his own family, as well as for the teenagers. The attackers have threatened further violence.   Last month, armed jihadists injured 27 Christians, many seriously, in a mainly Muslim area of Pallisa district. They appear to have been targeted because people have come to Christ through their community rice-growing project.

  • Pray that God will protect the two teenagers who have turned to Christ – and the Christians who are trying to support them. Pray that they will all know God’s love and rejoice in His protection (Psalm 5:11).
  • Pray for a dramatic change of heart in the boys’ Muslim relatives: ask God to reveal Himself to them, so that they too will come to know Him.
  • Thank God that He is at work in Pallisa, through the community food project. Pray for wisdom, boldness and protection for local Christians.

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