The Jairong Tibetans of Sichuan, China.

Introducing the Jiarong Tibetans (slideshow)

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These people are one of several who look Tibetan but speak their own language and live in the eastern foothills of the Tibetan plateau in southwest China, Sichuan province not far from Chengdu which is a centre of outreach to them with the gospel. Pray the Chinese church will target, prepare and send out labourers for this harvest.

Answer: 19/12/2016
   A Chinese fellowship in Chengdu has been building up links with that same community through regular visits there. And so far about a dozen Jiarong villagers have come to faith and been baptised!Open door!God’s ways are far  higher than our ways. Let us rejoice with the angels and beseech God for many more Jiarong converts in 2017.
❖PRAISE THE LORD – that people of every nation, tribe and tongue are being prepared for heaven.
✤PLEASE PRAY – that a thriving church will be planted in every district of the Jiarong Tibetans.

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