Awareness: Shaming persecutors

This is one reason for this blogsite!

200 million Christians across the world suffer some form
of persecution because of their faith.
If that number surprises you, it’s probably because of the massive
failure on the part of the media to cover the issue of religious
persecution when Christians are the ones targeted. As faithful
stewards of God’s word, we have been called to stand in this
massive gap created by the mainstream media and educate
those around us about the existence and severity of Christian
persecution worldwide.
Some of the major news outlets that
have interviewed
or covered ICC stories
With the press being largely uninterested in persecution, our role
of exposing persecution is vital. There is a clear inverse relationship
between awareness and persecu-tion. To put it simply, our job is
to turn on the light so the roaches will scatter. By raising our voices,
we pierce the darkness and expose their deeds (persecution)
done in secret (John 3:20).
Whether through our website, magazine, social media, news
releases, interviews, videos, or speaking engagements,
we have seen how “shouting” may open the prison door!

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