8 Chinese believers remain in jail.


 December 28th 2016 PTL– five of these folk have been released after 4 months in prison.

2/24/2016 China (China Aid)
Pastor Yan Xiaojie was released February 2nd after serving five months in criminal detention for “gathering a mob to disturb social order.” His crime at the time was forwarding text messages to members with prayer requests over a Chinese messaging application. It is a praise to hear of pastor Xiaojie’s release, but it reminds us of those who are left behind to rot in Chinese detention centers and black jails. While the numbers are nationwide, in Zhejiang province alone there are eight currently being held for similar charges or merely being affiliated with someone in the church.
  • Praise God for the release of Pastor Yan Xiajoie; pray for protection from further persecution.
  • Pray for the swift and safe release of the other 8 Christians who remain imprisoned in Zhejiang province.
  • Pray for Christians in China to have the courage to share their faith, the wisdom in knowing how to witness, and for opportunities to meet with other Christians and to be encouraged in Christ.

Please pray for eight Chinese Christians associated with Sanjiang Church, which was demolished in Zhejiang province last April: they have just been sentenced to three years in jail for ‘illegal occupation of farmland’ and ‘gathering a crowd to disturb public order’. They pleaded guilty, prompting speculation they had been coerced. The eight had joined thousands protesting against officials’ plans to destroy their church, part of a province-wide church demolition programme last year (Prayer Alert, April 16). (Source: ChinaAid)

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