Very disturbing news from Pakistan

Dear all,

We are extremely sorry about sending this email so soon after the last.  However we have found ourselves in a quandary after an increase in requests for help this week. The desperate and urgent need of some victims have forced us to send out this urgent appeal so we can assist. Here is a list of the main appeals:

  • A 70 year old man has been accused of blasphemy after a derogatory letter was pinned to a mosque (click here)
  • A 12 year old Christian girl was raped, murdered and thrown into a canal but Pakistani police have ignored the evidence and registered the case as death by suicide (click here)
  • A Muslim man sent 10 year old boy on errand while he raped his 3 year old sister! (click here)
  • A Pakistani Christian asylum seeker family with poor health who have been offered resettlement in the US face debilitating incarceration in Thialand’s brutal IDC. The greedy government who have never offered any help but receive millions from the UNHCR fine all people leaving the country with an over-stayers fine to add insult to injury (click here)

We have already moved the family of Mukhtar Masih the 70 year old latest victim of Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy laws into our safe house.  However we need to raise some finance for their regular living expenses of £100 per month and legal battle at £400 initial legal fees. Our safe House is now at capacity and we desperately need funds to rent another property for further victims and require help with raising a further £360 per month.

The family of Saiba who was brutally raped at three years old require funds for relocation to our safe house £200 and regular living expenses £120 per month.  They will also need help with legal fees £400 is the initial cost.

The family of Tania (the deceased 12 year old child) require help with legal costs starting at £400 they also need to raise £600 to exhume their child’s body for another autopsy.

Cyril Kamran and his family who are among the few Pakistani Christian asylum seekers from Thailand to have gained resettlement need to raise £1389 to prevent their incarceration.  Both parents have poor health and their teenage children are very vulnerable. The Thai government refuses to waive their fines despite pleas from several charities including the BPCA.

We have organised Asia Bibi protests across the country to call for her freedom and safety in the West. If you are in the UK please join us at all of them  – or at least the one nearest to you.  You can select which events you want to attend by clicking (here) Our petition has gained close to 18,000 signatures if you have not signed it please sign it.  If you have signed our petition please ask your friends to sign so we can get closer to 20,000. Our petition is the largest petition maintained by a Pakistani Christian group and we have the strongest mandate (click here for petition)

40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of thesebrothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ 41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.  Matthew 25:40

We remind you all that our free dating website is accessible for Christians of all diversities.  We have made a commitment to make this site free for the next two years as private sponsorship provides a profit that helps the work of our group.  The more of you that use it the more we earn.  So why pay for a similar service?


Wilson Chowdhry

Pakistani Christian School girl raped, killed and thrown into a canal!

12 year old Christian girl found murdered, evidence points to the girl having been drugged and raped. Please help us catch the monster who did this!

On 23rd January 2017 Johnson (21 yrs) dropped his 12 year old sister Tania to the Convent of Jesus and Mary school by motorcycle, a trip he had made hundreds of times previously, to ensure his sister was safe in a nation where Pakistani Christian girls are deemed booty to many indoctrinated young Muslim men (click here).

This day however was going to become the stuff of nightmares only hours later for Johnson and his entire family.

Tania (RIP)

After dropping off his sister, Johnson had started his work as a courier and begun his regular deliveries. He had had to leave school at year eight to help finance his family, but was not the keenest learner anyway. Despite his lack of opportunity he was extremely proud of Tania his youngest sister who was getting extremely good grades at school and had a bright future before her.

Later that morning at 11:30 a call was made by local police to Johnson, informing him of the death of his sister who had drowned in the Upper Chenab Canal and asking him to identify her body. Apparently they found Johnson’s telephone number on a register that was with Tania.

Read full story (click here)

70 year old Christian man arrested for alleged blasphemy after derogatory letters were pinned to Mosque

imgGujranwala police have arrested a 70 year old Christian man from the village of Lambanwali over an alleged act of blasphemy on Saturday 28th January 2017.

Mukhtar Masih (70 yrs) and his family had all gone to sleep when at 10pm they heard a large banging on their door. When his daughter in law Shamim Anjum (38 yrs) opened the door she was almost pushed to the floor as 10 police officers waded into the family home.

To the horror of the family they discovered that a blasphemy allegation had been laid against Mukhtar Masih in which local Muslims alleged he had written blasphemous messages. In the usual clumsy and malicious modus operandi of Pakistani police authorities the whole family was arrested, including Mukhtar’s daughter Shaima (38 yrs) son Anjum Mukhtar (40 yrs) and his children Romilla (14 yrs), Nehmeeia (10 yrs), Shaima (8 yrs).

BPCA officers were informed about the incident at 12.20am on Sunday and immediately set out to travel for six hours to Gujranwala. When they arrived they found the police constabulary extremely reluctant to release any of the victims.

Read full story (click here)

Muslim man sent 10 year old boy on errand while he raped his 3 year old sister!

Whilst a Christian single mother Catherine Bibi (38 yrs) and her eldest son Altaf Masih (21 yrs) were out working to provide for their family, a Muslim man ostensibly a friend of the elder son contrived to rape Catherine’s youngest daughter Saiba (3 yrs).

Catherine Bibi is a single mother and of three children, Altaf and Daud (10 years) and Saiba. She works as a sanitary worker at Government Hospital, Multan and her eldest son Altaf Masih, 22, works as a rickshaw driver their combined earnings sustain a meagre existence. On December 17th 2016 whilst out working they left Daud at home to care for Saiba a practice that had proved successful for some time. While only the two juveniles were at home a friend of Altaf named Muhammed Abbas came t o their house and asked where Altaf and his mother were. When Daud explained that the two of them where out working Mr Abbas took some money out of his pocket and asked Daud to fetch some cigarettes for him.
In deference to his older years and because he was a known friend of his brother Daud obliged Mr Abbas. Mr Abbas had told Daud not to worry about anything and explained that he would care for little Saiba while Daud was out.

As soon as Daud left his home Mr Abbas grabbed young Saiba and brutally raped her. When Daud returned he knocked on the door but the house was locked from inside. After some time Muhammad Abbas opened the door and Daud could see that his sister was naked, bruised and bleeding. Saiba was in obvious pain, she was crying and screaming loudly but was unable to express the torture she had been put through to Daud. Within Minutes the mother had also arrived home after having finished her work and was shocked when she discovered her daughter had been raped.

Read full story (click here)

Greedy Royal Thai Government imposes overstay fine on successful refugee family about to be resettled in US

Image of crowded unhygenic IDC of Bangkok where people are forced to sleep over one another, in a crouching position or in extreme cases standing up.

An attempt to extort money from a desperate family who have successfully attained resettlement in the US through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Thailand, by the Royal Thai Government is being labelled avaricious.

A rare successful approval of a Pakistan Christian refugee family that has received UNHCR approval for Refugee Status Determination (RSD), all of whom were to be resettled in the US during January/February 2017, brought a moment of exuberant joy to the beleagured Pak-Christian asylum seekers of Bangkok. This joy however was soon to come to an abrupt end as knowledge of a fine imposed on every member of the family for overstaying their original tourist visa, disseminated through the community. Apparently the Government of Thailand unlike many other nations across the world chooses to retain these fines for refugees who are to be resettled abroad, despite the fact that the removal of such persons reduces the burden on their own nation.

Sri Lanka a newly formed nation after a very bloody civil war that raged on from 1984 – 2007 and an extremely poor developing nation, have chosen to waive such fines, working with the UNHCR based i Colombo, mainly due to the fact that the nation has seen so much war and conflict they now see themselves as peacemakers. Thailand has a relatively strong economy based on a Foreign Exchange Reserve (foreign assets held or controlled by the country central bank) of 174.7 USD Billion, and per capita income of 13,430 PPP dollars (2013), which dwarfs figures for Sri Lanka, yet they still extort these fines from proven genuine refugees. This process makes no sense and Wilson Chowdhry Chairman of the BPCA termed it one that is ‘avaricious’.

The family of Cyril Kamran (age 43), his wife Samina Cyril (age 43), his teenage daughter Simren Cyril (age 17), and his young son Cyrus Cyril (age 9) have suffered greatly. Not only did they suffer great persecution in Pakistan but whilst struggling to survive as illegal asylum seekers in Thailand, a nation which shows little mercy to those seeking refuge, his father died in August. We purchased the family a blood pressure meter in September 2015 after a request from Cyril who had terminal stage Lymphoma cancer and his father Hector Williams (RIP), who was suffering from a chronic renal failure and congestive heart failure and needed dialysis every week (click here).

Read full story (click here)

Huddersfield Asian Fellowship give to the cause.

Whilst speaking at Hope Church in Huddersfield (a reformed evangelical church), Wilson Chowdhry obtained several bags of clothes from the Pakistani Christian community residing in the area to be reused by Christians in Pakistan.

Wilson also added further clothes and some toys from Maria Jarrett of Gateway Church, in Gants Hill.

The items have been sent to our office in Islamabad where they will be distributed to the deprived communities of H9 Block.

Leighton Medley spoke to BPCA about the gift from the north. He said:

“It was my delight in the past week, to hand over several cargo bags full of children’s clothes to the BPCA, for transfer to those in need in Pakistan.

“These clothes were duly donated, by various members of the Huddersfield Asian Fellowship, as well as members of Hope Church Huddersfield, where Wilson was recently invited to give a presentation on his work helping persecuted Pakistani Christians around the globe.

Read full story (click here)

Interior Minister of Pakistan has lost all sense of reality regarding minority persecution

The Government of Pakistan is in denial over the existence of minority persecution in Pakistan. In a recent statement the Interior Minister of Pakistan Chaudhry Nisar Ali K han has asserted that any belief that religious minorities in Pakistan are suffering because of abuse of the blasphemy laws is unfounded.

In response to a question by People’s Party’ lawmaker Begum Hasnain; Mr Khan, said:

” The facts and figures reveal that in most blasphemy cases the accused were Muslims.”

He explained to the Senate House that data from the Sindh proved that of 129 cases of blasphemy registered in total – 99 cases were registered against Muslims. This meant that 76% of the total convictions were against Muslims.

“These facts point towards the fact that religious minorities are not being embroiled in blasphemy cases more than Muslims.

“In essence, religious minorities are not being targeted by the blasphemy laws.” he stated.

Read full story (click here)

All 115 people accused of torching the Christian Community of St Joseph’s Colony have been acquitted


Over 125 homes were razed to the ground and two churches when a Muslim mob of thousands first ransacked
Christian properties and then set them alight on March 8th 2013, at St Joseph’s Colony, Badami Bagh near Lahore (click here for full story).

The mob had been incensed by several local mosques who had used their public tannoys to preach revenge against a Christian man named Sawan Masih, who it was alleged said some blasphemous remarks against Muhammed, during a heated discussion with a Muslim.

Sawan Masih, was found guilty of blasphemy and sentenced to death in 2014. He denies the claim, saying a friend made up a lie about him to settle a property dispute.

Masih has also applied for a formal appeal against his death sentence for blasphemy.

At Lahore’s Anti Terrorism Court on Sunday 29th January 2017, defence lawyer Ghulam Murtaza Chaudhry argued that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute any of the 115 men accused of torching Joseph Colony.

He said:

“The state witnesses could not identify the accused and their statements were also contradictory.

“The prosecution have failed to provide any “single evidence” to establish the charges against my clients.

“the prosecution has lingered on this case for more than three years but could not come up with any solid evidence against the suspects. The court should acquit the suspects because of want for proof.”

Read full story (click here)

Disappearing activists in Pakistan create alarm amongst humanitarian groups!

Image:Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani who last Monday said the statements of US State Department and the British government about recent missing persons in Pakistan were inappropriate.

The British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) today joined its voice with others in highlighting the rising tide of ‘disappearances’ associated with blasphemy cases against human rights activists in Pakistan. BPCA chairman Wilson Chowdhry said:

‘We have repeatedly highlighted the threats of and actual murder and violence that often accompany blasphemy allegations against Christians in Pakistan, which are usually used as a weapon of intimidation in disputes or as part of a slow broiling genocide to crush Christians and other minorities.

However, we are told by experts in genocide that the targeting of moderates of the majority community and those that speak out is usually a part of the process of genocide, and over the last couple of days we have been made aware that on top of the human rights activists murdered last year, a number of such activists and bloggers have disappeared in the last couple of weeks or so, several of them Pakistani’s who were residing in the Netherlands but were on a visit to Pakistan.

We understand that most or all of them have written online about the disappearances and human rights abuses perpetrated by both the security forces and religious extremists.’

Read full story (click here)

Wilson Chowdry (British Pakistani Christian Association)

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