Prayers for our nation

  1. For government

Ruler of all, we ask that you guide those who govern us. Help Queen Elizabeth, Theresa May, those in Church leadership and all other leaders to speak the truth, obey their conscience, and pay homage to King Jesus.


  1. For law

God of justice, we ask for justice to be upheld in the courts. We pray for brethren and sisters seeking justice e.g. Barry Trayhorn, Richard Page, Felix Ngole, Aisling Hubert (pictured), and others. Please give the Christian Legal Centre team the skill and insight to bring effective and persuasive legal arguments to bear on these cases. Please enable the judges to see the facts and make just judgments.

  1. For media

God of all truth, thank you for the opportunities you have given believers including Christian Concern to speak in public through the media. Please give them the words to say. Please help us to boldly proclaim Jesus as we represent you in print and speech.

  1. For life

Lord of life, on the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act, we pray for justice concerning the unborn child. Over 8 million children have been killed in the last 50 years. Please overturn Britain’s culture of death and protect children and pregnant women. Awaken your Church to this slaughter of the innocent and enable us to respond with courage and compassion.

  1. For marriage

Father of the Bridegroom, your wonderful pattern for marriage and family is being systematically eroded in the Church and in the world. Please grant all Christian leaders boldness to uphold the Bible’s teaching that marriage is between one man and one woman. May we, the Bride of Christ, respond with clarity and wisdom to the increased pressure to promote homosexual practices and transsexualism in all areas of life. Enable the Christian couple wanting to adopt their foster children. May the beauty of the gospel shine brightly through our own marriages and families.

  1. For freedom

Lord, where your spirit is, there is freedom. Yet the freedom to proclaim Jesus is being taken away. Please preserve our freedom to speak about Jesus Christ in public life. Please may the government’s plans about ‘British values’ and ‘extremism’ not limit the freedom for Christians to express the hope of the gospel in the workplace and in schools and universities.

  1. For Muslims

Saviour God, open the eyes of our Muslim friends both here and abroad. Thank you that you are revealing yourself to many Muslims, and shaking the foundations of Islam. Please embolden the Church’s witness to Muslims so that they can clearly and persuasively hear and understand the gospel. In your mercy continue to protect this country from those who would seek to commit acts of terrorism in the name of Islam.

  1. For the Church

Shepherd of the flock, cause your Church to rise up and be strong in confidently and uncompromisingly proclaiming the gospel to our nation. Enable Bible-teachers to preach the whole counsel of God. Grow churches where the Bible is taught faithfully and give them influence in their local communities. May graduates of the Wilberforce Academy become change agents for the next generation and give them hearts that seek your glory.

  1. For Christian Concern

Shield and Defender, guide Andrea Williams and continue to provide for Christian Concern and all those involved with this work: staff, clients and associates. Give them courage to speak powerfully of Christ in all areas of our culture, in law, politics and media.

  1. For God’s glory

Eternal Father, thank you that you are working out your plan to have all things put under Jesus’ feet. Thank you that you delight in your Son and that his kingdom is an everlasting kingdom that will never pass away. Thank you for giving us your Spirit to empower us to speak and act as your kingdom people in the world. May you get all the glory in 2017 and beyond.

adapted from Christian Concern post


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