EGYPT – Palm Sunday suicide bombings leave 46 dead and scores wounded and why Jihadists bomb at Christian Festivals

Muslim Jihadists expose themselves as the wickedest sinners by killing and maiming professing Christians at these times of the year which celebrate the incarnation and cross both of which teach man’s total depravity and impotence in the eyes of a holy God.


Islamic State has claimed responsibility for two deadly suicide bombings at churches in Tanta and Alexandria on Palm Sunday (9 April), which left at least 46 people dead and as many as 110 injured. In Tanta, around 60 miles north of Cairo, the bomber ran up the aisle of the church and blew himself up near the altar, killing at least 30; in Alexandria, the bomber detonated himself outside the church as the congregation were leaving, after police had earlier prevented him from entering.

The attack comes less than four months after a suicide bombing at a church in Cairo, which claimed the lives of 28 believers. Following Sunday’s attacks, President Al-Sisi opened army hospitals to treat the injured free of charge and declared three days of national mourning.

Barnabas Fund is appealing for help to support the bereaved, to provide practical assistance, particularly for families who have lost their breadwinner. Click here for details of how you can help.


  • Pray that God will comfort and bind up the broken-hearted and heal all those who have been affected physically and psychologically by yesterday’s attacks.
  • Pray that God’s perfect love will drive out fear. Pray that God’s people in Egypt will look to Him for their strength and their hope.
  • Pray that the Egyptian Government will step up its efforts to stamp out extremism and protect Egypt’s Christian minority

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