Vile assault in Pakistan.

Young Christian in Pakistan suffers brutal attack – then ‘police cover-up’

Eighteen-year-old ‘Alian’* suffered a brutal sexual assault – but local police in Pakistan seem reluctant to investigate. The Christian teenager was beaten, stripped, gang-raped and forcibly converted to Islam – and left unconscious.

Please ask God to comfort and heal our young brother in Attock district in Punjab.

Release contacts who are supporting Alian and his family say it was a Muslim friend of Alian who lured him to an isolated place on false pretences.

When Alian was found after the attack, he was taken to hospital, where he was threatened and told to remain silent, according to his family. Police initially dismissed his rape allegations. Police have since arrested several suspects but appear to be pressuring the family to drop the case.

*Name has been changed

  • Please pray that God will heal and restore Alian and deliver justice for him. Pray that Alian will know that the God of unfailing love cares deeply for him and sees his distress (Psalm 33:18).
  • Pray for a sharp change of heart in the local police dealing with Alian’s case. Ask God to give them the courage to bring his attackers to justice.
  • Ask God to sustain and strengthen His people in Pakistan, amid severe persecution and relentless discrimination.

(Source: Release contacts)

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