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High Court hears Felix Ngole’s challenge

Thank you for your prayers for Felix Ngole and the Christian Legal Centre team during this week’s High Court hearing.

Felix was removed from a social work course at Sheffield University after he expressed his Christian beliefs about marriage and sexual ethics during a Facebook discussion.

With help from the Christian Legal Centre, he is challenging the decision at the High Court. Thank you for your support which has made this possible.

Standing Counsel Paul Diamond highlighted the importance of the case, saying that left uncorrected, Felix’s experience could be the beginning of a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ culture for Christians in public service. He also argued that the European Convention on Human Rights protects Felix’s expression of his beliefs.

The court also heard how the chair of the committee that removed Felix is a longstanding LGBT activist but this interest was never declared. Further evidence was submitted about a visit to the university of a controversial Islamic teacher just a short time after Felix was told that he was being investigated for his defence of a mainstream, Christian understanding of marriage on Facebook.

Please continue to pray. We are now waiting for a ruling in the case which could take several weeks.

Felix has asked for your continued support in this important case.

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‘Politically incorrect’ Bible on trial

“It is difficult to overstate the importance of [Felix’s] case”, says Tim Dieppe, as he reflects on this week’s High Court hearing. He outlines some of the arguments made and evidence submitted, before concluding: “Basic freedoms in our society are at stake. It is not really about the politically incorrect student, it is about the politically incorrect Bible … It shows the true intolerance of those who argue for tolerance.” Gavin Ashenden has also written about what is at stake.
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Breaking News

Christian student granted judicial review after being expelled over views on sexuality

Felix Ngole has been granted permission for a judical review
Thank you for praying for Felix ahead of his hearing at the High Court.
We give thanks that on Tuesday (25 April) the High Court granted Felix permission for a judicial review of the decision to expel him from the University of Sheffield, after he expressed the Christian view of marriage and sexuality during a Facebook discussion.
Read Andrea Williams’ comment on the case
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Christian bar to office

Andrea Williams writes:
Felix Ngole puts another face to the increasing alienation of Christians from the public square.
In 2016 he was expelled from the University of Sheffield for expressing support for the biblical view of sexuality during a Facebook discussion.
Yet in an important ruling today, justice prevailed as the High Court granted permission for Felix to judicially review the University’s decision to expel him.
Read Andrea’s full comment
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Donate to support Felix

The Christian Legal Centre is not charging Felix for the support that we give him. We are able to offer support to those who need it because of your generosity. Thank you.
But, as ever, this case is not just about Felix. It’s also about the freedom to hold and express Christian beliefs in public service.
Please help us to support Felix and others like him, by making a donation, however small, if you can.
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