Pray for justice for Algerian Christian!

Pray for justice for Algerian Christian!

 Slimane Bouhafs ends hunger strike
Algerian Christian Slimane Bouhafs has ended his hunger strike in prison. His family is relieved, having been very concerned for its effect on his health.

Algerian Christians have requested continued prayer that Slimane will know the Lord’s strength and healing and that he will be granted a transfer to a prison closer to his family home.

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Latest: Algerian Christian’s sentence reduced to three years

Slimane Bouhafs’ five-year sentence for “blasphemy” has been reduced to three years.  An appeal against the conviction will now be made to Algeria’s Supreme Court.

Read the background to the case
Slimane (pictured), who was due in court in Algeria today to appeal against a five-year jail sentence for ‘blasphemy’ – his punishment for a Facebook post.
Please pray that the court will acquit our brother in Christ: earlier this month he was given the maximum punishment for defaming Islam and its prophet: a lengthy jail term and a hefty fine. Slimane Bouhafs’ only ‘crime’ was to post on social media a comment about the ‘light of Jesus’ overcoming the ‘lie of Islam’. He also shared a photo of someone being executed by an Islamist terrorist.
It has emerged that Slimane was subjected to long interrogation sessions after his arrest and was denied access to a lawyer. He has been behind bars since his conviction on August 7.

  • Please ask God to keep Slimane in His perfect peace and protect him. Slimane suffers from gout.
  • Pray that God will strengthen his family and his church.
  • Pray that Slimane’s appeal will be successful and that the Algerian judiciary will uphold religious liberties in its nation

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