Pashtoo (Pathan) people of Afghanistan.

The Pathans, or Pashtoo or Pushtu people are the largest group in Afghanistan totalling about 12 million. There are Pathans scattered all over the world (50 million total). Many speak Pashto or Dari and there are Scriptures in Dari–I gave a Dari Bible to an Afghan taxi-driver (Ali) in Warrington recently!

There are Pashtoo people in Ballymena, I have met one.

Jamil Abraham is a Pashtoo believer leading a church of displaced Afghans in Delhi, India. He is also translating the New Testament into Pashtoo. His wife a Christian schoolteacher was killed by the Taliban and because his life was in danger he left the country. He since remarried Dunya, now also a believer, and has five children. He and his people need our prayers. Most of the Taliban would be Pashtoons.

Please pray for these people.

More-Northern Pashtoo.

More-Southern Pashtoo.

More about the languages

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