Prayercast Ramadan Challenge: Day 23 – Safiya’s Story

Lovely testimony of how the WORD of God changed a needy Muslim woman!


The Arab World is a land of spiritual darkness. Oppression and fear are commonplace.

Yet the Light of Christ continues to transform real lives.

As a child, Safiya witnessed the beheading of a Muslim woman.  Her life was consumed with fear.

Until she met Jesus.

Now she wants to tell the nations about the love, grace, and mercy He offers!

As we continue on the nightly prayer conference call during Ramadan, using the Prayercast Ramadan Challenge prayer points, let us unite in prayer that the church in Kuwait will grow. Let us pray that there will be those who will come under the shadow of Jesus, and for the Light of Christ to shine in Muslim nations.

  • WATCH her compelling story here.
  • PRAISE Jesus for His light that casts out darkness and His love that casts out fear.
  • PRAY for thousands more, like Safiya, to know the love, grace…

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