Pastor Yang released

Tortured Chinese church pastor finally released

26 June 2018

A Chinese house church pastor who was tortured into confessing to “divulging state secrets” has been released after two and a half years in jail.

While in detention, Yang Hua contracted vasculitis and diabetes and, at one point, was so unwell he was unable to walk.

House church pastor Yang Hua was arrested in 2015

The house church pastor and father of two was arrested in 2015 when he attempted to prevent authorities from raiding the church he pastored in Guizhou province, south west China. He was initially falsely charged with “obstructing justice”, but was later falsely accused of “divulging state secrets” and forced under torture to agree to an untrue confession. His interrogators also threatened that his wife and children would “face problems”. They also said they would make Yang “disappear” and feed his body to pigs.

As he was released on 19 June 2018, Yang Hua began singing worship songs. His wife, Wang, said, “Even though my husband experienced misfortune, his belief remains resolute.”

Most Chinese Christians are part of “house churches”, which are unregistered congregations whose members are at greater risk of arrest, torture and imprisonment by authorities.

3 thoughts on “Pastor Yang released

  1. letters were sent by brother yang hua in china and lacheng ren who was released and is being sent by brother alim yimiiti from 2010 to now messages of encouragement by the other brothers who are in prison in china, in “the project to China with love “27 letters in this year

  2. letters were also sent by the brother Gao Zhisheng, yang rongli, the first one was kidnapped, let’s pray for his prompt appearance and release

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