More oppression in China

On Tiananmen Anniversary, Chinese Government
Detains Several Christians

Wang Yi and his wife.

CHINA On June 4, the 29th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crack-
down in China, local authorities raided Autumn Rain Covenant Church in Sichuan, China. During the raid, authorities took Pastor Wang Yi, his wife, four
other preachers, and 11 other members of the church into custody. At the time
of writing, the entire group is still being held and Pastor Wang Yi and his wife
could not be contacted.
Pastor Wang Yi has been harassed by the government several times prior
to this incident. On May 12, he and several members of his congregation
were detained leading up to a memorial service for those affected by the 2008
Sichuan earthquake. The pastor, who is widely recognized for speaking out
against the government’s crackdown on Christianity, has also been banned
from participating in international Christian conferences on multiple occasions.

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