Twen, Eritrea.

Prisoners of Faith Alert
Prisoner’s one request: pray for Eritrea!

Our dear sister Twen (pictured) has spent 13 years behind bars in Eritrea. Despite having suffered brutal treatment this young woman, who is described as a ‘precious, lovely Christian’ by those who know her, is more concerned about others than for her own wellbeing.

We recently managed through contacts to find out how she is doing in prison and how we could pray for her. Her reply was simple yet deeply humbling: she said she had only one prayer request – that God would be glorified in Eritrea!

Praise God for this remarkable woman, whose love and witness are in fact glorifying God in a harsh Eritrean prison and inspiring fellow believers.

Twen, who is in her thirties, and the other Eritrean prisoners of faith need our prayers. Pray for their release but also that they would remain united. Sometimes there is conflict among the prisoners simply because they are locked up together for 24 hours, day after day.

You can find out more about Twen by clicking here or on the image. Twen features in former prisoner Helen Berhane’s book Song of the Nightingale under the name of ‘Esther’.  As well as being tortured herself, Twen on occasions took the punishment for Helen, and looked after her when she was unwell.

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