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23 February 2018

Voices of the Silenced Belfast premiere

Voices of the Silenced will receive its Belfast premiere on Tuesday 13th March in Ballynahinch Baptist Church. The film tells the stories of 15 people who have undergone therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction. The film’s London premiere was cancelled after a campaign from a pro-LGBT website – although the film was shown at an alternative venue. Please visit the booking page if you would like to come. Entrance is by donation (suggested £10), and all are welcome.

Government must protect marriage

Back in September, we asked you to support the Manifesto for Strengthening Families – a manifesto aimed at preventing relationship breakdown. In light of the manifesto being debated in Parliament, Coalition for Marriage’s Thomas Pascoe has urged the government to tackle the ‘greatest social problem of our age’. Roughly half a million people a year now enter the Family Courts in England and Wales. Cohabitation proves to be too unstable and the only solution is to strengthen marriage.


Should we abort to save a mother’s life?

Christian Concern’s Regan King has examined the arguments put forward for allowing abortion in cases where the mother’s life is at risk. He finds that abortion is medically and morally indefensible. There are no cases where abortion is required to save the life of a mother. Allowing abortion in potentially dangerous scenarios only gives away unnecessary ground, taking the focus away from the fact that 99% of abortions have nothing to do with threat to mother’s life.

Isle of Man Catholic Dean blesses abortion

Dr Jules Gomes has criticised the Dean of the Roman Catholic Church in the Isle of Man for giving his blessing for abortion. With the debate over the Abortion Reform Bill raging, Monsignor John Devine refused to comment. Devine has now labelled pro-life protesters displaying graphic abortion images as part of the ‘lunatic fringe’. He claims that ‘these protesters cannot presume to speak on the Church’s behalf’. Gomes states the Dean must be either ‘blissfully ignorant or wilfully lying’.

Abort67 Awakening Tour 2018

Abort67 are visiting several influential cities over the next four months as part of their Awakening Tour. The campaign aims to educate about abortion, equip pro-life apologetics and expose abortion injustice with public education displays. They are currently in Oxford and will be heading to Manchester (21st-22nd March) and Liverpool (22nd-23rd March). If you would like to find out more information on Abort67’s activities you can watch their campaign advert.

More Al-shabaab murders

Al-Shabaab slaughter Kenyan Christian teachers in night attack

21 February 2018

Al-Shabaab militants murdered three Christians in an attack on a primary school compound in the village of Qarsa, north-east Kenya on 16 February.

Armed men forced their way into a house within the compound of Qarsa Primary School before dawn. Two Christian teachers, Kevin Shari and Seth Oluoch Odada, were shot dead. Seth’s wife Caroline was also brutally murdered – local sources reported, “her head was nearly cut off from the body”. The couple had only recently married.

Al-Shabaab have repeatedly targeted Christian teachers. According to local sources, such attacks are part of a deliberate effort to reduce school attendance, which makes children vulnerable to recruitment by the Somali-based Islamist group. Al-Shabaab are known to make extensive use of child soldiers and the group is reported to have recruited children as young as nine.

Somali-based Islamist group Al-Shabaab have repeatedly targeted Christian teachers

On 20 February, the headless body of a man was brought to a hospital in Wajir, the nearest main town, 70km (43 miles) from Qarsa. The man’s identity has not been confirmed, but he is thought to be a Christian.

A source told Barnabas Fund, “Again Lent has begun for us with high drama, pain, and agony from the cruel hands of Al-Shabaab … people, especially Christians, are living in terror”.

Global Christian News

Three Christian Teachers Killed in Wajir, Kenya
Al-Shabaab Ambushed School to Target Christians
02/23/2018 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on February 16, 2018, three Christian teachers were killed by al-Shabaab militants in Wajir, Kenya. According to witnesses, the suspected perpetrators ambushed the victims’ residence around 1:00 a.m. and killed Seth Oluoch Odada, his wife Caroline Oluoch, and Kevin Shari. The three victims were non-local teachers working in Qarsa Primary School and living in the northeastern town of Wajir.

Pastor Justus Njuki, a resident of Wajir, spoke with ICC to confirm the incident. He said,“We have lost three dedicated professional teachers of Qarsa Primary School and we are sending our condolences to their families. They were among the few resilient teachers who have remained, defying the fear of being attacked that has made many teachers leave Wajir to safer parts of the country.”
A local resident of Wajir, who chose to remain anonymous, regretted the attack on Christians, calling it “a barbaric act that is uncalled for. We do not subscribe to the same spiritual beliefs and practices but they are our friends and they teach our children with commitment and love, and without discrimination.”
ICC also spoke with Mr. Mohamed Abdi, Wajir’s governor, who condemned the attack and sympathized with the families by extending his “condolences to the bereaved families and wish[ed] a speedy recovery to the injured. There is simply no justification for this kind of attack, eliminating those who are modeling the future of our children.”
The Somali-based terror group, al-Shabaab, is one of Al-Qaeda’s allies. This terrorist group constantly crosses the Kenyan border in order to persecute and kill Christians. Residents in Wajir have already witnessed several attacks on Christians. Therefore, the governor is requesting the government to fortify its borders and security in the area. “I urge the security agents to act swiftly and bring the perpetrators to book and reinforce security measures in Wajir.”
ICC’s Regional Manager, Nathan Johnson, stated, “We pray for the families of the deceased and for peace to come to a region that has seen increased violence toward Christians who are just trying to survive. We hope that the government will take effective action to stop the senseless killing of so many Christians in Kenya at the hands of Islamic radicals like al-Shabaab. We praise God as the refuge and strong tower that He is for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ who continue to endure so much.”
For interviews with Nathan Johnson, Regional Manager, please contact Olivia Miller, Communications Coordinator:

“Britain First” under sustained attack.

I am sharing this because I believe their cause is right!

Britain First

Dear Julian,

You are not going to believe this!

The ‘Halal Food Authority’ is suing Britain First for hundreds of thousands of pounds in the High Court!

Please, allow me to explain:

Halal slaughter is unnecessarily brutal and savage.

Animals have their throats cut like a Jack the Ripper victim, then they bleed out inagony whilst a Muslim recites a prayer to Allah.

The animals are not stunned before they are brutally slaughtered.

It is savage, medieval and not welcome in our Western, Christian country.

The authority that ‘certifies’ all halal products in the UK is called the Halal Food Authority (HFA) and they have objected to the anti-Halal campaigns and videos that Britain First are known for!

The HFA are trying to financially bully any criticism of this sick medieval practise by dragging our movement into the High Court.

They are demanding over £43,000 ‘loss of income’ and hundreds of thousands of pounds in ‘aggravated damages’ for ‘suffering considerable distress, hurt and embarrassment’, all because we have opposed and exposed the evils of Halal slaughter!

Specifically, the paperwork states that the HFA ‘expect to recover more than £100,000’.

Underneath this section, where they were asked to state the ‘Amount claimed’, the HFA stated ‘up to £500,000’.

Yes, you read that right, half a million pounds!

In brief, the HFA is claiming general damages for defamation, aggravated damages for defamation, an injunction to restrain further publication along with special damages for defamation and interest on the above!

In the High Court application, the HFA describe Britain First as a ‘violent and racist’ organisation, clearly demonstrating this is nothing but a politically-motivated witch-hunt!

The ‘injunction to restrain further publication’ is clearly designed to strangle any further exposure of the brutality of Halal slaughter, something I know millions of Britons are against.

The application to sue Britain First in the High Court in London has already been submitted, along with a £10,000 issue fee.

By hook or by crook, we are going to the High Court to fight this, very soon!

Our civil litigation solicitors have examined the HFA application and have advised us of the following facts:

If we lose this case, we will have to pay our own legal fees, plus the £43,000 in ‘loss of income’ and anywhere up to half a million pounds in ‘damages’.

If we win this case, the HFA won’t get a penny, but will also have to pay our legal costs.

There are other factors to consider too, like the fact that deputy leader Jayda Fransen owns her own house which, if we lose, will be seized and sold at auction and the proceeds given to the HFA, leaving Jayda homeless.

This couldn’t have come at a worse time for Britain First.

Our activities have been reduced to a minimum because Jayda and I have been forced to ‘sign on’ every Saturday as part of our ongoing bail conditions.

We have just endured a show trial in Kent which cost us a fortune, for the ‘Ramsgate Rapists’ campaign we ran last Summer (sentencing is passed on 7th March).

We have two separate show trials coming up in Belfast which is going to cost around £30,000 to defend ourselves against.

Now on top, and almost certainly deliberately timed, we have a High Court battle against the Halal Food Authority to deal with.

If you combine these factors with recent events whereby several of our trust-worthy activists have been approached by ‘S015 Counter Terrorism Command’ to ask them to ‘provide information about future activities’, then it seems the State and the Muslim authorities are waging a joint Satanic war to destroy Britain’s last remaining hope of survival.

Yes, that’s how serious this situation is.

Our movement stands at the cross roads: Either we stand and fight or we sink and Britain’s last hope is destroyed.

Sadly, UKIP is finished, the Tories are traitors, every other group or organisation or political party has collapsed or vanished – only Britain First remains standing.

For this reason, if Britain First is destroyed, our country is lost.

That’s why our enemies have declared ‘Total War’ on us – they recognise it’s either now or never to stop Britain First before we get too big and strong to bully or punish.

This battle will shape the future of Britain and our children.

It is a battle between good and evil, between Britannia and her enemies.

I am reminded of Churchill’s famous quote during Britain’s darkest hour:

‘We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.’

For Britain First, this bulldog fighting spirit is the core foundation of everything we endeavour to achieve.

The words ‘No surrender’ run through our movement like a stick of rock.

Even if just one of us is left standing, with air in our lungs, we will not give up or stop fighting for the British nation, not now, not ever.

I know there is some unease out there at the amount of fundraising Britain First is organising, but ask yourself: What choice do we have?

Do we stop, and lose everything?

Or do we keep going and win?

As leader of this honourable movement – that was built from nothing – I will not stand by and watch as everything is destroyed by the PC fascist fanatics and their animal-throat-slitting friends in the Halal Food Authority!

Over my dead body will I see them dismantle everything we have built and on top, leave our deputy leader homeless!

If we are going to continue the struggle to save our country, please ‘close ranks’ and get behind our urgent ‘Patriots Against Halal’ fighting fund, before it’s too late!

Every penny counts, please chip in here:

Yours sincerely,

Britain First

Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

HOTLINE 0203 409 6216

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Britain First, PO Box 119, Swanley, BR8 9DY

I thought the Kurds were sympathetic to Christians!

Kurdish militia mark Christian properties in Syria for confiscation

15 February 2018

In scenes chillingly reminiscent of the 2014 targeting of Christians in Iraq by Islamic State, Kurdish militia in north-east Syria are spraying graffiti on to Christian properties to mark them for confiscation.

A recently released video shows Arabic writing spray-painted on the wall of the house of an Armenian Christian family in Qamishli. The inscription reads: “Seized by the Executive Committee of Qamishli” – the Committee is the self-proclaimed administration of the Kurdish YPG militia, who control the region.

The house of an Armenian Christian family in Qamishli. The inscription reads: “Seized by the Executive Committee of Qamishli”
Credit WCA NGO Courtesy of Eddie Gaboro Hanna

Christian men from Qamishli have already been abducted for use as conscripts in the Kurds fight against Turkish forces, part of what Christian community representatives have stated is a programme of intimidation.

The homes and businesses of believers in Mosul in northern Iraq were similarly graffitied with slogans and signs, before the Islamic State militants ordered the Christian population to leave or face execution when they seized the city in 2014.

The Australian who filmed and publicised the video, which has been corroborated by the World Council of Arameans (Syriacs), stated, “What the YPG does is reminiscent of what ISIS did to the Christians in northern Iraq.

“It has confiscated many more buildings like this … They are confiscating rather than protecting our homes in the Qamishli and Hassake areas and they are even occupying entire villages … They are treating us like second-class citizens … employing various tactics to frighten and subject our people with the aim of taking possession of our final remaining properties and lands, thereby transforming our ancestral homeland into an autonomous Kurdish region.”

Global Christian News

More from Sudan

  1. Pray for 5 Sudanese Church of Christ (SCOC) leaders west of Omdurman arrested after refusing to stop worship and charged with a public order offence.
  2. Rafat Obid and Rev. Daniel William of Sudanese Evangelical Presbyterian Church (SPEC) unjustly convicted in October on charges after their denomination resisted government attempts to take over its leadership and sell off church property.

A determined government offensive by the Islamic government under  president Al-Bashir is set on wiping out the church in  Sudan (north.

Pray God’s people may rejoice in the gift of suffering for their Saviour. “It has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for him” (Philippians 1:29). WHAT AN ATTITUDE TO HAVE!

Sudanese repression and wanton destruction continues.

International Christian Concern
2020 Pennsylvania Ave. NW #241, Washington, D.C. 20006
Media Contact:
Olivia Miller, Communications Coordinator
Church in Khartoum Destroyed Despite Pending Court Case
Sudanese Government Continues Long History of Religious Persecution
02/13/2018 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that the government of Sudan demolished a church belonging to the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Churches (SPEC) in Elhaj Yousif, North Khartoum on Sunday, February 11. The government also confiscated all Bibles and other church belongings. The pastor in charge of the church, Rev. Abdul Harim, confirmed the incident.

He said, “Today the government ordered the forcible demolition and takeover of our church, despite a pending court case where we are contending against attempted re-possession of the church compound to a private Muslim developer. The bulldozers and a contingent of police officers stormed our church immediately after our morning service and started taking furniture, chairs, and Bibles outside and then broke down the church building.”
Rev. Kuwa Shamal, the head of outreach for the Sudanese Church of Christ (SCOC), lamented that the existence of Christian churches in Sudan is at risk. “This is a rogue policy by the government and we stand with our brothers to condemn the demolition. Church work in Khartoum is facing a serious setback because the Islamic government doesn’t want us to preach the Gospel and worship freely. This church has been on the disputed plot for over 30 years. Where was the owner all that time?”
Pastor Yahia Abdelrahim, who was evicted from his church-owned home in Omdurman on August 15, 2017, disclosed his frustration to ICC. “Evictions and demolitions of church properties must be stopped. If there is a court case pending judgment, why did the government move in to bring down the place of worship and make away with church belongings? We as the Sudan Christian leaders are very upset by this heinous act and we pray that that this will end someday.  We are not cowed at all and we shall continue to lift the name of the Lord in Sudan.”
The demolition comes just a week after seven church leaders of the SPEC were fined for protesting against the state confiscation of their churches. The government of Sudan has been arresting Christians and handing over church compounds to individual Muslim businessmen who claim ownership of the plots.  Rev. Kuwa Shamal and five other leaders of the Sudanese Church of Christ (SCOC) have also been engaged in a court case with the government after they were demanded to hand over church leadership to the government.
There are many cases in court and many Christians in jail because of the struggle for freedom of worship and rightful ownership of church land. We have been appearing in court for four times now to refuse transference of our church ownership and leadership to a state body and the next hearing will be on March 6. We hope the Lord will favor us and our plea granted,” Rev. Shamal said.
ICC’s Regional Manager, Nathan Johnson, stated, “The government of Sudan has long desired an end to Christianity within its borders. It has worked tirelessly to destroy all traces of the Christian faith and worship. They continue to harass and persecute Christian leaders and followers on a daily basis. These human rights violations must be stopped and the leaders of this government must be held accountable for their tyrannical reign.”
For interviews with Nathan Johnson, Regional Manager, please contact Olivia Miller, Communications Coordinator: