At last Christian residents defend themselves and kill a terrorist!

Fulani Militants Attack Another Christian Village in Nigeria

Four Killed, Six Injured

04/24/2019 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on Wednesday, April 17, 2019, Fulani militants launched an attack on Bolon village, a predominantly Christian village in Demsa Local Council Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria. The attackers struck at approximately 10:30 p.m., firing gunshots sporadically. When the dust settled, four people were killed and another six were injured by gunfire.

A local resident recalled, “An older man went to his backyard… and saw the attackers coming. The old man quickly went back and alerted the villagers of imminent danger while the attackers advanced very fast. Some of the villagers were able to flee, while some of the brave men tried to resist and repel the attackers.” More than 100 houses were burned down, as well as many food storage barns. An 89-year-old man and his wife were killed in their home when it burned down around them. Among the four victims were Nathan Maduwuri (89), Mirdiya Nathan (70), Demto Lord (13), and Emiko David (10).

Kalla Lord Dennis, a 48-year-old father, was shot in the hand and leg. The bullet that was lodged in his leg was finally removed several days after the attack. Kalla’s 13-year-old daughter Demto was killed, while his 10-year-old was shot in the leg. A total of six injured people are currently receiving treatment at Numan General Hospital. Other injured persons include Pwayakadi Zaro (35), Veronica Pwabideino (26), Hussieni Ishaku (22), and Kwahana Lord (10).

Confirming the identity of the attackers, one of the young men in the village, who wished to remain anonymous, was among the brave individuals who tried to repel the armed attackers. He said, “They were definitely Fulani militia, because we chased them away and were able to kill one of them, from whose identity we can tell.” The vigilante added that the government security forces were called to come and see the destruction unleashed in Bolon village.

Pastor Barkati, a native of the village, showed ICC the graves of the victims who were killed. They were all buried on Wednesday morning.

Prior to the federal and state elections in Nigeria, the security situation in southern Adamawa was relatively calm. This attack seems to have signaled the resumption of hostility by the Fulani militants, adding to the tension in the region.

40 Christians Violently Kicked Out of Village in India


Police Inaction Leaves Seven Christian Families Homeless
04/23/2019 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on Sunday, April 14, 40 Christians were violently kicked out of their homes by Hindu extremists in Patamanda village, located in India’s eastern state of Odisha. According to local reports, the extremists accused the Christians of following a foreign religion and told the Christians that they were not allowed to stay in the village if they continued to practice their faith.

The attack began at 9:30 p.m. when a mob of villagers influenced by Hindu radicals stormed into the homes of seven Christian families in Patamanda village. The mob verbally abused the Christians and beat them with bamboo sticks. Two Christians, Mohan Vadeka and Mistu Vadeka, were targeted by the mob because of their leadership positions within the local Christian community. To escape the violent mob, the 40 Christians fled into the nearby forest. The mob then ransacked the seven Christian homes.

“Forty of us, including women and infants, walked more than two kilometers through the thickest forests in the dark,” Jilla Vadeka told ICC. “We traveled to the police station for help, but no help was rendered. We were just told to come back tomorrow.” 

When the Christians returned to the police station on April 15, police officers arranged a compromise between the Christian and Hindu villagers. “They told both of us not to interfere in each other’s faith and sent us away,” Mohan Vadeka said. “However, when we returned to Patamanda, there was a huge crowd waiting for us. They ruthlessly chased us back to the forest.”

“For more than a week now, we cannot stay freely in our homes,” Jilla Vadeka explained to ICC. “We are worried for our lives.”

On Friday, April 19, the Christians of Patamanda were told that they were not allowed to stay in the village if they continued to practice their faith. “Two border security force [officials] came to the village and threatened us,” Mohan Vadeka said. “They said that we cannot stay in the village if we follow the Christian faith. They said we would lose our government subsidized food and lose our ID cards.” 

“This is not the first time Christians in this region have faced violent attacks,” a local pastor, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told ICC. “The consequences of practicing the Christian faith can mean losing your house, facing social boycotts, and even physical torture. Christians cannot depend on police for help.”

ICC’s Regional Manager, William Stark, said, “Local authorities in India must do more to help the Christians of Patamanda village. Too often, attacks on Christians and their places of worship are ignored by India’s authorities. This climate of impunity has only emboldened Hindu radicals who now feel that they have a free hand to attack religious minorities across the country. Article 25 of India’s constitution guarantees religious freedom to all citizens. Until this right is enforced, Article 25 will remain only words on paper for the Christians of Patamanda village.”

Unprecedented Suicide Bombing Attacks Shock Christians in Sri Lanka

Human failure allowed this carnage in Sri Lanka-the authorities were alerted days before about an imminent attack so security at Christian sites should have been stepped up.

Two Britons killed-brother and sister.


  • Please pray that Christians in Sri Lanka will know God as their ‘refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble’ (Psalm 46:1-3).
  • Ask God to heal the injured and comfort those who mourn. Pray that, as they experience the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings, they will know the power of His resurrection (Philippians 3:10).
  • Pray that Christians will not face the usual obstacles in burying their loved ones. Our partners say Christians are often refused access to family plots in Buddhist cemeteries and denied the financial help with funerals that Buddhists are freely given.
  • Pray that the people of Sri Lanka will detest both Islamic and also Buddhist extremism and allow peace and freedom for Christian believers..
  • Please pray that God will have mercy on those responsible for the attacks – and that they too, who are not already killed and in hell, may come to know the Saviour.


(Morning Star News) – Christians in Sri Lanka have never seen such a large-scale attack on them as the one that hit three churches and three hotels on Easter Sunday (April 21), killing at least 290 people, they said.

“I don’t have words to express my pain,” a teary-eyed Eranda Weththasinghe told Morning Star News from Negombo, a predominantly Christian area north of Colombo where 104 worshippers died in a suicide bomb blast at St. Sebastian’s Church. “Tomorrow is going to be the mass funeral service, we only want prayers. We lost so many people.”

Weththasinghe said he lost several friends in the explosion that he witnessed, which the Sri Lankan government blamed on a local Islamic extremist group, the National Thowheed Jamaath. Officials said the small, obscure group could not have carried out the coordinated attacks without international accomplices.

“The smell of flesh is all around me,”…

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Suicide Bombers kill almost 300 at Churches and Hotels in Sri Lanka, hundreds injured

I cannot see how this could be ISIS, much more likely fanatical Buddhist extremists in this country.


290 Killed in Easter Attacks on Churches and Hotels in Sri Lanka

Perpetrators of the Deadly Bombings Remain Unknown
04/21/2019 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) –  International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that at least 189 people have been killed in a series of bombings targeting churches and hotels across Sri Lanka. According to reports, as many as 400 others have been hospitalized with injuries as a result of the bombings that mark the first major terrorist attack since the country’s civil war came to a close in 2009.
Six bombings took place around the same time at 8:45 a.m. in the morning as Easter services began across the country. The deadliest attack took place at St. Sebastian’s Church, a Catholic church in Negombo, about 20 miles north of the country’s capital city of Colombo. In that attack more than 60 worshipers were killed.
In other attacks on churches, St. Anthony’s Shire, a Catholic shrine in Colombo, and Zion Church, an evangelical church in Batticoloa, were also bombed. In those attacks, at least 52 were killed at St. Anthony’s and another 38 killed at Zion Church.
One of the churches targeted was Zion Evangelical Church in Batticaloa. Barnabas Fund has a close relationship with this congregation of over 400 people and has been helping war widows at the church for several years. Around 35 people were killed at Zion Church, mainly children. Church leaders had spotted a suspicious person in the building before the service and sent someone to question him and get him out of the building. The suicide bomber exited as requested and detonated himself outside, in the grounds of the church, where the children were playing while they waited for the service to begin. Zion Church, whose congregation is mainly poor and needy, has asked Barnabas Fund to assist the bereaved families with funeral costs, and we will be sending these funds tomorrow. Help will also be needed with medical care for the injured at Zion Church and in other parts of Sri Lanka. Please pray for the suffering and grieving Christians in particular those mothers who lost their husbands and now have lost children too.
Three hotels popular with foreign tourists in Colombo were also bombed, including Shangri-La Colombo, Kingsbury Hotel in Colombo and the Cinnamon Grand Colombo. According to various media reports, it remained unclear whether there were any casualties in the hotels.
So far, no one has taken responsibility for the attacks on the churches and hotels. However, Sri Lankan police say the attacks were highly coordinated and early investigations suggest that they were carried out by suicide bombers.
Out of Sri Lanka’s total population of 22 million, Christians only account for 7.6% according to the 2012 census.
Christians in Sri Lanka have claimed to be facing increasing intimidation from Buddhist extremists in recent years. According to the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL), which represents more than 200 churches and other Christians groups in Sri Lanka, there were 86 verified incidents of persecution in 2018. This included incidents of discrimination, threats, and violence against Christians.
In 2019, NCEASL has already recorded 26 verified incidents of persecution. This includes incidents as recent as a mob attack on a Methodist Prayer Center on Palm Sunday. In that incident, ICC reported that 25 young people pelted Christian worshipers with stones and firecrackers before locking the Christians within the prayer center and refusing to release them. 
ICC’s Regional Manager, William Stark, said, The thoughts and prayers of ICC first and foremost go out to the families of those killed and injured in this deadly wave of attacks. No one should fear being the target of such extreme violence simply because of their identity as a religious minority. Too often Sri Lanka’s authorities have tolerated instances of discrimination and intolerance against Christians and other religious minorities. This must come to an end. Authorities must investigate who was behind these deadly attacks and bring them to justice.”


(Voice of the Persecuted) It is with a heavy heart to report on Resurrection Sunday that a massacre has taken place targeting Christians who were attending worship services at St. Anthony’s Church in Colombo, St. Sebastian’s Church in Negombo and Zion Church, in Batticaloa in Sri Lanka. At the time of this report, the latest update from police claim that at least 207 were killed and at least 450-500 injured in 8 explosions by suicide bombers at the churches, Shangri-La, Cinnamon Grand and Kingsbury hotels. Viewer Warning: below video content graphic

The majority of casualties are Christians and the death toll and numbers injured are expected to rise. Earlier, the government said they suspected the suicide bombings were carried out by one group. Finance Minister, Mangala Samaraweera said,

The bombings are not the doings of a fanatical individual. It’s obviously a highly coordinated attempt to create murder, mayhem…

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Muslim Fulani Herdsmen Massacre Christians after Baby Dedication in Nigeria 

More despicable murders seemingly with impunity.


Coffins-at-the-funeral-of-Christians-slain-in-Konshu-Numa-village-Nasarawa-state-Nigeria-on-Sunday-April-14-2019.-Morning-Star-News Coffins at the funeral of Christians slain in Konshu-Numa village, Nasarawa state, Nigeria on Sunday, April 14,

Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Muslim Fulani herdsmen killed 17 Christians who had gathered after a baby dedication at a church in central Nigeria, including the mother of the child, sources said.

Safaratu John Kabiru Ali, the mother of the baby, was slain in the attack on Sunday (April 14) in Konshu-Numa village, in Nasarawa state’s Akwanga County, which also took the lives of people ranging in age from 10 to 80. The baby’s father, John Kabiru Ali, was shot and is in critical condition, sources said. He is receiving treatment at the Intensive Care Unit of the Federal Medical Centre, Keffi, in Nasarawa state.

The attack took place at about 7 p.m. as Christians in the predominantly Christian community gathered to eat after the child was dedicated that morning at the Ruhaniya Baptist…

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School worker dismissed wrongfully.

Breaking news

Christian sacked for sharing concerns about sex education

Kristie Higgs is challenging her employer’s decision to sack her for sharing two posts with her Facebook friends
A Christian school worker is to challenge a Gloucestershire school academy’s decision to dismiss her for gross misconduct. She was dismissed after she shared two Facebook posts that raised concerns about Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) at another school in the same village – her own child’s Church of England Primary School. Kristie, a mother of two who had been working at the Gloucestershire academy for six years as a pastoral assistant, was told following an investigation and a six hour hearing that she would be dismissed without notice.
Read the the Daily Mail’s coverage of the story
What had Kristie done? Earlier last year, her child’s Church of England primary school sent out a letter informing parents it was adopting the ‘No Outsiders’ programme, which challenges the Christian understanding of family and openly promotes LGBT lifestyles to children as young as four.

After attending a meeting at the primary school to find out more about the programme, Kristie decided to express her concerns on Facebook. She shared two posts, the first beginning, “Please read this they are brainwashing our children! Please sign this petition, they have already started to brainwash our innocent wonderfully created children and it’s happening in our local primary school now.” Kristie urged her friends to sign a nationwide petition opposing the government’s proposals to make Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) compulsory for children as young as four. The issue was subsequently debated in parliament.

In her second post, Kristie re-shared an article on the rise of transgender ideology in children’s books in American schools, adding that: This is happening in our primary schools now.” 

Both posts were visible only to her friends. Nevertheless, they were reported to the school where she worked – Farmor’s School in Fairford, Gloucestershire, and following an investigation, Kristie was dismissed for gross misconduct.

Post from JudyBeth.Com on transgender ideology. Click for full size.
Post on Relationships and Sex Education in primary schools. Click for full size.
Reasons given by the academy for her dismissal were: illegal discrimination‘, serious inappropriate use of social media, and online comments that could bring the school into disrepute and damage the reputation of the school.’  

However, the conclusions by the school were unfounded and the Christian Legal Centre is now supporting Kristie as she challenges the academy for wrongful dismissal and discrimination. 

In the conclusion to Kristie’s hearing, the academy admitted that: “Regarding bringing the school into disrepute…we agree that there is no direct evidence that as a matter of fact that the reputation of the school has been damaged to date.”

When Kristie asked who she had discriminated against, she was told by the school: “you had not directly discriminated against one person, rather it was about the words you had used that could be perceived as discrimination.” 

“It has everything to do with my religion”

Kristie has said: “I have been punished for sharing concerns about Relationships and Sex Education. I hold these views because of my Christian beliefs, beliefs and views which are shared by hundreds of thousands of parents across the UK. My number one concern has always been the effect that learning about sex and gender in school will have on children at such a young age. 

“As soon as the investigation into the posts began, I was repeatedly told: ‘this is nothing to do with your religion.’ That was clearly a legal tactic and of course it has everything to do with my religion. I am determined to fight this case and to stand for Christians and all parents across the country who are being silenced for sharing and holding these views.”

“This is all about the freedom of a Christian to hold Biblical views on sexuality”

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, added: “This case is about the freedom to hold Christian views about what it means to be human. Many Christians have faced pressure for expressing these views in the workplace before, but in this case, Kristie has been dismissed for sharing her views among friends on Facebook.

“What Kristie shared on Facebook simply reflects the genuine and justified concerns of a parent about the sexual ideology currently being imposed on her own children and thousands of children across the UK.

“Kristie has not only lost her job, but her whole career is now tarnished with the accusation that for holding these views she is now a danger to vulnerable children. This is despite an exemplary record at the school and in her work with youth in the wider community. If Kristie does not win this case, due to one complaint, she will never be able to work with children again.

“Kristie is a kind, loving and courageous woman, and we will stand side by side with her as she fights for justice.”

Please pray for Kristie, her family and our legal team. We will keep you updated on developments.

International rugby player in trouble over Biblical remarks about homosexuality.

from Voice for Justice UK

A row has erupted in sport after Australian rugby player and committed Christian, Israel Folau, posted on social media that those who are living in sin will end up in Hell, unless they repent.  Quoting from Galatians 5:19-21, he said, “Drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists and idolators – Hell awaits you.”

For expression of that conviction, ‘hell’ appears to have broken out round the rugby star, but, despite sacking from his team and widespread condemnation, Folau has refused to remove the post, saying simply that his faith in Jesus Christ is what comes first in his life, and he was encouraging people to repent.  His cause has now been taken up by England International Billy Vunipola, also a Christian, who has bravely waded into the fray in Folau’s support.  Saying the Rugby star was simply expressing his belief, Vunipola said we all need to live closer to God, and that man was made for woman.

He too is now facing disciplinary action (

It is interesting, however, that apart from generalised rage and the righteous denunciation of this attack on the LGBT community, there has been little or no reference to other categories of sin in the list.   Why, VfJUK asks, has there been no corresponding fury from atheists, fornicators, or adulterers – who, one may suppose, form a far greater proportion of the population?  Why is the press not standing up for thieves and drunkards, protesting that this is an abuse of their human rights?

And while we’re on the subject of human rights – which always comes in at some point – what about the Sultan of Brunei, with his recent announcement of the strict enforcement of Islamic law?  From coverage in the Western press, you’d be excused for thinking the man was a rabid bigot who had specifically announced violent war against homosexuals (   But this is misleading.  The reality is that, for a Muslim, Sharia law governs every aspect of life and imposes harsh penalties for transgression of any and all the rules, including amputation, flogging, beheading, and stoning to death.  The same law applies equally to apostates, rapists, thieves, homosexuals, adulterers…  in fact to any perceived offence – and it is this system that – rightly or wrongly, as we see it – the Sultan of Brunei has ruled be enforced.

So by all means condemn him for barbarity.  And on any scale Sharia law is frightening.  But only for vicious homophobia…? The truth is that in Islam homosexuality is merely one ‘sin’ among many – almost on a par with insulting Mohammed, but not quite – sitting alongside such things as rape, incest, and adultery.  All carry horrific punishment, including stoning and death – and it is this cruel and vicious punishment system that should be condemned wholesale.  As it is, focussing on one aspect to the exclusion of all else risks legitimizing a belief system that has at its heart the merciless enforcement of rules that appear on occasion both bizarre and unreasonable – as, for example, with some of the laws relating to women.

But in the Western mindset all this gets lost, because beside so-called LGBT rights, everything else pales into insignificance.  Let’s be blunt, what we are seeing in Europe today is in effect the birth of new religion, whose counterfeit and blinkered god demands total and exclusive worship, and who will brook no rival.  Besides the idol of LGBT rights, all other considerations melt like snowflakes in the sun.

In such a climate, Christian belief looks like it doesn’t stand a chance.  The demand is either that we conform and kneel before the altar of sexual libertarianism – that we deny our faith – or that we be sacrificed.

It is this new religion that Folau and Vunipola have dared challenge.  And, however dressed up, it is a straight attack on Christianity.  Yet perhaps saddest of all is the fact that, for many, this vicious attack on freedom of belief has passed almost unremarked.   In today’s world it is apparently justified to silence Christians!

As Easter approaches, the question for believers is whether we too will dare stand for our faith?  Or will we take the easy way and join with the crowd, bowing down before the counterfeit and decadent god who smiles upon sin, and affirms indulgence?

“I warn you again, as I warned you before, those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom…”  Galatians 5:21

As we prepare once more to celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, who died that we might live, let us nail our colours to the mast and follow Him in obedience.  In these challenging times, let us not be found wanting.
We wish you a happy and blessed Easter,