Ramadan 2019

  PRAYER POINTS Pray Muslims would be delivered from the crushing burden of striving to earn God’s favour. Let us … More

Eid al-Fitr

Day 30  (last day of Ramadan)   Eid  is the Muslim holiday that comes at the end of Ramadan. Eid al-Fitr (Arabic: عيد … More

Generation M (mobile)

Day 29 (Tues)     Generation M (mobile) is vast in the Middle East. Nearly a billion people here use … More


Day  28  (Mon August 5th)     The Soninke   Live in the Sahel-just south of the Sahara. Temp up … More

Princes now labourers.

Day 27     The Deccani muslims ruled the Indian plateau from the 14th century until 1948. From being rulers, … More

Java’s Banten

Day 25 Occult martial arts   Among Indonesia’s Banten people who live at the western end of the Island of … More


Day 24   Thurs Aug 1st   Sharia law Sharia (the path) is a legal, political, theological, military system developed over … More

Muslim immigrants

Day  22 Tues 30th July   Hospitality     Jack’s father, a Muslim cleric had discovered that his 17 year … More

Central African Republic

Day  21       Understanding the CAR (Central African Republic)   Former French Colony independent 1960 Military misrule 30 … More