Kumhar (India)

Kumhar (Hindu traditions) in India The Kumhar believe they are offspring of Lord Brahma (Prajapati). This large people group traditionally … More

Prayer Topics

  Prayer topics  Watch the presentation in slide show mode and click on links to see the details.  

Bible translation

Over 160 million people, speaking 1700-1800 languages, do not have access to a single word of Scripture in their language. … More

The Hui of China

 An unreached people-do you care enough to pray? Hui in China Numbering over 10 million, the Hui are the largest … More

Another unreached people.

 They MUST hear, they MUST be discipled-or the end cannot come! Angku in China The Angku were originally part of … More


A recent mission prayer request is exemplary in that it mentions a new worker (ordained one would hope) recently sent … More

Nubians-unreached today.

Nubian, Arabized in Egypt The name Nubian was given to the original inhabitants of Nubia, a thin settlement along the … More