Prayer Topics

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Nubians-unreached today.

Nubian, Arabized in Egypt The name Nubian was given to the original inhabitants of Nubia, a thin settlement along the … More

Mongol, Sichuan in China

 Yet another unreached people   Sichuan Mongols live in Sichuan Province, spread out along two or three valleys in Yanyuan … More

The White Horse.

“The preaching of the Gospel is the controlling sign of the return of Christ.  This is evident from the text … More

Chrame in China

 Another totally unreached people in a nation with plenty Christians-who will go? The end cannot come till they hear, believe … More

Nosu, Tianba in China

Another unreached tribe. The end cannot come till disciples are made among them. Nosu, Tianba in China Violent conflict, inter-tribal … More

Aimaq people of Afghanistan

Operation World states,”There are six Aimaq tribes to the west, of nomadic background WITH FEW, IF ANY, BELIEVERS AMONG THEM. … More